Carrier Team

The Family History

The Carrier family story begins with Emile and Blanche Carrier of Quebec, Canada. While running a working farm, they raised their 12 sons and one daughter to have integrity, work hard and always value family. Their children took these deep-rooted morals with them in their life’s pursuits and will pass them on for generations to come.

In the 1970’s Claude Carrier moved his family to CT in pursuit of opportunity. Claude and his oldest son, Gino, went into business together. They began working in various aspects of the housing industry and ultimately progressed to complete home building and land development. In the early 2010’s Gino’s oldest son, Ryan, also joined the company as a managing member, bringing fresh ideas and new technologies to the table. Through their core family values, the three of them would see continued success in every endeavor they sought after.

The Vision

The Carriers have long been recognized in Connecticut for their quality workmanship in new residential single-family homes. But they continue to grow their portfolio of rental properties through their vast knowledge in the building industry and make a mark on the multi family sector through brand new, energy efficient, spacious, secure and luxurious apartments. While providing their tenants the same service their customers have come to expect.


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